Saturday, February 12, 2011


Osseo traveled to Park Center for a boys' basketball game. Osseo came into the game with a record of 18-2 and were ranked #2 in Class AAAA. Park Center came into the game with a record of 7-11.
The game started out on a fast pace. Each team looked to get the ball out of the net and get to the other end as quickly as possible.
Osseo started the game in a man-to-man defense.
Park Center wanted to get the ball into the hands of Quinton Lee Hooker. Hooker was all over the
Osseo started out on fire was they went on a 7-0 run to begin the game. Park Center scored their first
basket with just under 15:00 left to go.
Terez Wayne VanPelt found the basket early for Osseo. He was able to make his shots that he put up.
Park Center was not afraid to shoot the ball in the first half. They shot the ball from everywhere on the court.
Osseo took their time on the offensive end. They used a lot of time off the clock in the first half
looking for and getting their shots.
Danny Rodenberg for Park Center took the ball hard to the basket. He was able to make his shots that he put up and was also able to get to the foul line.
Park Center went on a run late in the half. They were able to slow down Osseo on the offensive end.
At halftime the score was Osseo 35 and Park Center 30.
As the second half got underway Osseo game out on fire. They looked to slow the ball down and work the ball around the three-point line.
Park Center continued to get the ball into the hands of Hooker. Hooker was able to find the basket with ease. His teammates kept looking for him to score.
VanPelt continued to take the ball hard to the basket.
Park Center battled throughout the second half.
Both teams we very aggressive throughout the game.
Park Center went on a run late in the game. Osseo had a 58-53 lead with 2:00 left to go in regulation.
Hooker continued to attack the basket late in the game.
The game came down to the wire. With 48.5 seconds left to go in regulation the score was Osseo 60
and Park Center 57.
There were many hard fouls by Park Center with under a minute in the game.
Osseo was able to come away with the 64-57 victory over Park Center.
The leading scorers for Park Center were Kevin Handy with 15 points, Quinton Lee Hooker and
Treyton Daniels with 13 points each.

The leading scorers for Osseo were Terez Wayne VanPelt with 20 points, and Joey Curtis Sonnenfeld
with 15, and Michael Brush with 10 points.

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