Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hill-Murray traveled to Richfield for a girls' high school basketball game. Hill-Murray came into the game with a record of 2-3 while Richfield had a record of 2-1.

Both teams looked energetic in warm ups. The crowd was light on a Wednesday evening but that didn't stop the die hard fans.

Richfield started out in a zone defense. Hill-Murray also started out in a zone defense.

Richfield used a full court press as they looked for steals and were able to frustrate Hill-Murray.

Hill-Murray called a timeout with 16:17 left in the first half. The score was Richfield 4 and Hill-Murray 0.

Richfield was able to get a few steals in the full court press and turn them into points. Jessica January for Richfield was all over the floor. She was able to get her teammates involved in the offense and get her teammates the ball in spots where they were able to score baskets.

Hill-Murray had a very difficult time scoring. They were not able hit shots that they put up.

Richfield played a tough man-to-man defense. That gave Hill-Murray a bunch of fits offensively.

With 11:18 left in the first half,  Ellie Schwartz scored Hill Murray's first basket. That made the score Richfield 14 and Hill-Murray 2.

Richfield continued to swing the ball around the three-point line and they were also not afraid to shoot the three-point basket. Jessica January did a good job of shouting instructions to her teammates as she instructed them on where she wanted them to go and what play she wanted ran.

Richfield called a timeout with 7:10 left in the first half. The score was Richfield 22 and Hill-Murray 6.

Richfield called off the full court press after that time out. They picked up man-to-man at half court instead. Sierria Ford-Washington came up with some nice baskets off of steals.

Richfield was able to make good on the steals that they got in the first half. They were able to convert points off steals.

Even though Hill-Murray was not able to hit the shots that they put up in the first half. They didn't give up. They kept on shooting the ball and looking for shots that they though they were going to make.

In a very sloppy first half. The score at halftime was Richfield 28 and Hill-Murray 11.

As the second half got underway Richfield continued to look to the basket and get the ball into Januarys' hands. January looked very comfortable on the floor as she was able to weave her way in and out of traffic past her defenders.

Hill-Murray went to a full court man-to-man press defense as they looked to turn Richfield over. That didn't work however.

Hill-Murray looked to get the offense going midway through the second half. They were able to string some baskets together midway through the second half.

I thought that Richfield was a little quicker then Hill-Murray and Richfield was able to hit their shots from the start of the game. Hill-Murray struggled to get their offense rolling.

In a game that was very one sided Richfield was able to walk away with the 57-40 victory over Hill-Murray.

The leading scorer for Richfield was Jessica January with 26 points. The leading scorers for Hill-Murray was Kaitlin Langer with 12 points. 

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