Friday, January 25, 2013


Twin Cities media member Tony John Geer of Community Hoops has passed away. Tony Geer was a man with a passion for people and sports.

Tony had many gifts and many connections in the twin cities metro area. He was in the know in both the basketball and the media world.

Jay Pivec the head mens basketball coach at Dakota County Technical College said of Tony Geer's passing, “The twin cities has lost a spots legend and I’m deeply saddened by his passing.”

I have known and worked with Tony for many years. He helped me build my media career to what it is today. Having helped me build my web site Steven's Sports Report. Tony is the one of the guys that helped my get my name and site built and he is partly responsible for putting me on the media map.

Tony has worked with multiple media organizations the twin cities metro area.

According to Mike Peden of, “Geer graduated from Minneapolis Washburn in 1980, and people who could withstand his enigmatic surface were rewarded with possibilities they would have never considered on their own. No matter how frustrated his contacts could get when he was unable to deliver a promise he made, cutting off ties was still a foolish decision because of his networking talent. Geer was aware of this fault, often introducing himself by saying "Last name: Trouble. First name: Big. Middle name: Huge," occasionally expanding the joke to include other puns with the word "trouble."

His coping mechanism? Humor. Losing your direction on road trips was more entertaining with Geer than most drivers. Nearly every gym he entered would become a temporary "smile zone," where patrons were required to grin if they wished to gain entrance. Children would be mesmerized by his mastery of his "hidden ball" trick as they tossed an imaginary object that landed perfectly inside any bag he happened to possess.”

Tony's work will truly be missed by people that he has affected.

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Unknown said...

Very sad news. Thanks for sharing it Steven.