Saturday, July 25, 2015


Over the weekend of June 13-14 2015 AAU and high school boys’ basketball teams from multiple states converged on the campus of University of Northern Iowa for a team camp.

Ben Jacobson is the head basketball coach at the University of Northern Iowa. According to the web site, “The Team Camp format gives optimal summer development time to teams and their coaches in a highly competitive atmosphere. The 2015 team camps are for high school-age teams only. We invite school teams, all-star teams, or any other teams within these grade brackets. Each team is guaranteed six games with each game consisting of four, eight-minute quarters with stopped time. Teams are pooled according to strength with separate Varsity, JV, Fresh/Soph and 9th Grade divisions. Instruction and on-court demonstrations will be included for the campers and coaches.”

The teams that attended the camp were, “Crestwood-V Crestwood-JV, South St. Paul-V ADM-V, Montezuma-V, Newton-V, Newton-JV, Maple Grove-V, Wayzata-V, Tipton-V, Dike New Hartford-V Dike New Hartford-FR/SO Caledonia-V, Cedar Rapids Xavier-V, Newman Central Catholic-V, Newman Central Catholic-FR/SO Grant-V, Grant-FR/SO Grant-JV, St. Paul Johnson-V, Armstrong-V, Armstrong-JV, Linn Mar-FR, Charles City-V, Union La Porte City-V,Linn Mar-V, Linn Mar-SO, Dubuque Hempstead-V, St. Thomas Academy-FR, Naperville Central-V, Dixon-V, English Valleys-V, Lewiston-Altura-V, Dubuque Hempstead-JV, Iowa City West-V, Iowa City High-V, Tartan-V, Carmel Catholic-V, Carmel Catholic-JV, Howard Pulley-Wade/Robinson, Howard Pulley-Washington/Shelton, Howard Pulley-Walker/Braziel Howard Pulley-Maxey, Howard Pulley-Taylor.”

 A lot of teams in the gym played a lot of games over two days. I thought that the event was well ran. It gave teams a chance to play against top level athletes. It gave fans a chance to watch teams from different levels and different states to see different teams.

In Minnesota there are rules and regulations regarding when high school coaches can coach their own kids. This was part of the open period for high school coaches.

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