Saturday, March 5, 2016


On March 5, Robbinsdale Armstrong and Wayzata squared off in a girls’ basketball game. The score went back and forth early in the contest. It took a while for each team to figure out what the other team was doing. 

Wayzata was able to come up with mid-range jump shots and layups in the first half. They were able to make fast break layups. 

Armstrong came up with steals and turned them into layups. They were able to frustrate Wayzata midway through the first half.

Wayzata kept the defensive pressure on Armstrong throughout the first half.

Neither team went on a huge run in the first half. 

At halftime the score was Wayzata 45, Armstrong 36. 

As the second half got underway both teams continued to push the ball down the floor and score baskets in transition. 

Wayzata looked to get the ball into the hands of Hannah Heiring who was able to make mid-range jump shots and layups. Teammate Camryn Hay also was able to get to the basket and make shots.

Armstrong’s Masengo Mutanda came up with layups. She was able to beat the defense and get to the basket and make layups.

The game remained close in the second half. There were several ties and lead changes midway through the second half.

Mutanda kept on attacking the basket as she got hot in the second half. She was able to make her layups and jump shots. 

Neither team went on a run throughout the game. It was a very hard fought game. 

Wayzata came away with the 70-61 victory over Armstrong. 

The leading scorer for Armstrong was Mutanda with 23 points.

The leading scorer for Wayzata was Hay with 18 points.

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