Tuesday, January 2, 2018


On Dec. 28, Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis North squared off in a boys’ basketball game. Going into the game Brooklyn Center had a record of 7-1 while North’s record was 2-1.

Brooklyn Center looked to take time off the clock early as they passed the ball around the 3-point line. They were able to get everyone involved in the offense. They were not afraid to take deep 3-point shots.

North swung the ball around the 3-point line was well. North also looked inside to get the ball into the hands of Odell Wilson IV.

North guard Elijah Campbell brought the ball down the floor and got his team involved in the offense. If Campbell thought, he had an open shot he would shoot it.

Brooklyn Center guard Lu’Cye Patterson brought the ball down the floor and ran his team’s offense. Patterson was able to drive to the basket and looked to make layups and mid-range jump shots.

North’s Trejuan Holloman came off the bench and provided an offensive spark. He drove to the basket and made layups. Holloman had good court awareness as he knew where his teammates were on the floor.

Brooklyn Center’s Maalik Harut drove to the basket and came up with fast break layups.

There were multiple ties and lead changes in the first half. Neither team went on a huge run.

North called a timeout with 9:04 left in the first half. The score was tied at 16.

Brooklyn Center used their quickness to try to get to the basket. North was right there with them.

Brooklyn Center used a full court press as they wanted to make it difficult for North to get the ball down the floor.

Brooklyn Center shot deep 3-point shots and came up with rebounds.

North made shots late in the first half. North was able to slow down the Brooklyn Center offense late in the half.

At halftime the score was North 36, Brooklyn Center 23.

As the second half got underway North continued to push the ball down the floor and come up with jump shots and layups.

Brooklyn Center continued to get the ball into the hands of Patterson. Patterson did a good job of getting to the basket and making mid-range jump shots and layups.

North called a timeout with 13:57 left in regulation. The score was North 41, Brooklyn Center 33.

Tayler Johnson came up with steals and tuned them into points as he made layups. The defense had a hard time slowing Johnson down.

North called a timeout with 10:55 left in regulation. The score was North 48, Brooklyn Center 37.

The Brooklyn Center offense went stagnate for a period. They were not able to make shots they put up.

The North offense came up life in the second half. They were able to come up with shots in the second half.

North came away with the 77-55 victory over Brooklyn Center.

The leading scorer for Brooklyn Center was Patterson with 17 points.

The leading scorers for North were Johnson with 25 points, Campbell with 17 points and Wilson IV with 12 points. 


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