Saturday, October 20, 2012


New Life Academy and Minneapolis Southwest went up against each other in a varsity match up in the Breakdown USA Fall League. This league gives high school teams a chance to play games in a regular tempo game.

The game got off to a quick start as each team raced up and down the court looking to make shots that they put up.

Southwest was a step quicker than New Life Academy and they were able to knock down some quick shots. Southwest was able to get shots inside the three-point line.

Southwest did a good job of spreading the ball around to all of the players. It looked like they knew where everyone was supposed to be on the floor.

Southwest's Tyler Eric Wayne Porch did a good job of finding his teammates. He knew where they were at all times and he was not afraid to pass them the ball if he thought that they had a good shot. His teammate Terral Dojorn Sampson did a good job of getting rebounds in the paint and putting the ball back up in the basket.

New Life Academy struggled to score in the first half. That didn't get to them as they kept on shooting the ball.

At halftime the score was Southwest 26 and New Life Academy 17.

New Life Academy came out and looked for quick shots early in the second half. They were not able to get the shots to fall in the opening minutes of the second half. They kept on plugging away anyway.

Porch was able to get some easy looks at the basket and was successful and making wide open shots for his team.

Southwest was able to get everyone involved in the offense and they were able to chew up clock in the second half while making shots.

Southwest's Cameron James Ross was all over the floor. He took the ball hard to the basket and was not afraid to shoot the ball if he thought that he had a good shot. Ross was successful at making shots that he put up, mostly shots within the three-point line. He was not afraid to pull the three-point shot although.

New Life Academy tried to make a comeback but was unsuccessful. In the end Minneapolis Southwest came away with the 54-45 victory over New Life Academy. 

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