Saturday, March 23, 2013


Hopkins and Bloomington Kennedy went up against each other in the class AAAA state championship game.

The game got off to a quick start as each team raced up and down the floor.

At the first media timeout the score was tied at 5 with 14:12 to go.

The game was very physical. Both teams dove on the floor as they went for loose balls and rebounds.

It was a very physical game. Neither team gave up easy baskets in the first half.

Kennedy got the lead midway through the first half.

Hopkins looked to get the ball up and down the floor quickly.

There was a media timeout with 3:48 left in the first half. The score was Kennedy 23 and Hopkins 20.

At halftime the score was Hopkins 28 and Kennedy 26.

As the second half got underway both teams looked to push the ball down the floor and get lay-ups on their respective end.

Kennedy didn't seem to be able to get into an offensive rhythm in the second half.

There was a media timeout with 9:53 left in regulation. The score was Hopkins 47 and Kennedy 28. Kennedy .

Hopkins was too over whelming for Kennedy in the second half.

Hopkins was able to come away with the commanding 68-45 victory over Bloomington Kennedy.

The leading scorers for Bloomington Kennedy were Jade Martin with 19 points and Jasmyn Martin with 7 points.

The leading scorers for Hopkins were Nia Coffey with 25 points and Taylor Anderson with 11 points.

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