Thursday, May 23, 2013


Robert Blair Ndondo-Lay, who is an African American, was born Friday, Aug. 13, 1993 in Minneapolis. I asked him if he had any brothers and sisters and he said, “Yeah, my 19 year-old sister Chantal and my 14 year-old twin brother and sister Brandy and Sterling.”

Ndondo-Lay went to Minneapolis DeLaSalle high school, graduating in 2011. He started playing football in the fourth grade. In high school Ndondo-Lay played both basketball and football.

After college he wants to continue to play football as long as he can. He is currently enrolled at Winona State, where he plays Defensive End.  

Ndondo-Lay said that one of his best football memories was “When I ran back a 95-yard fumble recovery TD in high school during the conference championship or my first collegiate sack.”
I asked him, “What do you like to do in your free time?” He said, “If I already worked out probably play basketball, study other football players, and maybe watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother if I have the time.”

Ndondo-Lay was asked to describe the type of music he likes to list to. He said, “Basically everything but predominately Hip Hop & R&B. I’m a big fan of smooth jazz too.”

I asked if he, “Can you tell me one unusual thing about yourself that others might not know?” His response was, “When I came in as a freshman I was the youngest player on the team and I’m only 19 right now.”

I asked him, “What is the best part of playing football and why? He said, “Dominance. That and the pure rush from working towards or already being the best at what you do.”

I asked him to, “ Describe your game? “  “Not sure if I could do that entirely in a few sentences but if I had to pick my favorite part of my game it would definitely be my pass rush “ .

I asked him, “Is there was anything else you want people to know about you? “ “ I can’t stand losing at anything or to anyone. If I could that would mean I’m okay with mediocrity or even failure and I’m not and never will be.

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