Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Tipton Woodward plays football for St. Thomas Academy. I met Woodward while watching a football game at the school.

I was able to do a email interview and here are the responses I received from.  
What is your full name? Tipton Glenn Woodard.
When and where were you born? March 4, 1996 in Denton, TX.
Do you have any brothers and sisters? One sister (14) and three brothers (12, 9, 1 1/2).
What high school do you go to and when will you graduate? Saint Thomas Academy, class of 2014.
When did you start playing football? Since I was about eight or nine.
Do you play any other sports? Lacrosse.
Do you play Football in High School? Yes.
What do you want to do after you get out of school? I hope to attend a service academy.
Do you plan on playing football there? I would love to.
What is your best football memory? Running out into the Dome with my teammates has truly been one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much about what it means to truly be a team after this season.
What do you like to do in your free time? I always enjoy spending time with my family, whatever we're doing, I also love to play with and teach my brothers about football.
What type of music do you listen to? I listen to pretty much anything.
Can you tell me one unusual thing about yourself that others might not know?  I love politics. I am very politically active and have volunteered for campaigns across the state.
What is the best part of playing football and why?  The best part of playing football is definitely the camaraderie that you experience with your teammates. There is no better feeling than playing the best game on earth with the people you work hard with all season, leaving everything you have on the field with them.
Describe your game? I play nasty. Not cheap, but intimidating and mean. Every play I want to beat my opponent and before the next play be able to look him in the eye and know that I will dominate him all night.
Is there anything else you want people to know about you? I love football. It is my life. I love my teammates and would do anything for them.

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