Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Larry McKenzie, current head boys’ basketball coach at Minneapolis North, came out with a book in 2011 called “Basketball Much More Than Just A Game.”
I picked up a copy of the book at my local Washburn library. I was interested in the book so I began reading it.
For me, the book was an easy read. The book is 82 pages, broken up into 10 different chapters.
The book is not just for athletes or parents. I think that everyone would benefit from reading this book.
McKenzie does a good job of explaining how to get recruited to colleges and what steps a high school athlete can do to get the attention.
He talks about how his basketball teams prepares for different games and what he had to deal with as a coach through the regular season.
He also talks about his upbringing and what it took for him to get into coaching at what it took for him to get involved.
He also does a good job of explaining the role of family not only in his live but the role of family in the lives of the basketball players that he has coached.
McKenzie also talks about the AAU basketball circuit and the difference between grassroots basketball and AAU basketball teams.
The book also talks about the shoe companies and how money influences the game and the different aspects a basketball player has to face every day.
I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to take a deeper look at the game of basketball.

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