Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Minneapolis Patrick Henry high school and Minneapolis North high school have had a long standing basketball rivalry. On August 4, the rivalry was rekindled as there was an alumni boys’ basketball game at North high school. With hip hop music being played by a DJ, the gym at North was jammed packed for the game. The game was played in four 10-minute quarters.
Cheerleaders from both teams lead the fans in cheers.
Both teams looked to push the ball down the floor and score on the fast break.
North looked to get the ball in to James Davis, who was camped out on the low block.
Both teams started out man-to-man on the defensive end. Neither team wanted to give up any easy baskets.
Both teams subbed everyone out every five minutes.
Robert Pierson for Henry came up with some nice slam dunks. He had good court awareness and knew where his teammates were on the floor.
After one quarter of play the score was Henry 9, North 9.
The second quarter got underway both teams continued to fly down the floor as they looked for their shots.
Henry came out on fire in the second quarter. They had a 16-11 lead with 6:30 left in the quarter.
North guard Xiro Naovalali came up with some nice passes to his teammates. He was quick at bringing the ball down the floor and was able to dish the ball off to his teammates if he thought that they had a good shot.
The score went back and forth throughout the second quarter.
Jamal Staten came up with some nice plays for his team. Staten made some nice slam dunks.
The score at halftime was Henry 30, North 25.
The third quarter got off to a quick start as each team continued to fly up and down the floor in quick fashion looking for fast break baskets.
There was very little defense played by both teams as they looked to show off everyone’s athletic ability.
Both teams took a lot of time off the clock on the offensive end looking for their shots.
Townsend continued to drive to the basket and was able to
The score after three quarters was North 42, Henry 41.
Both teams played with a lot of intensity and passion throughout the contest.
The game came down to the wire. There were many ties and lead changes late in the contest.
Tryell  Thorton for Henry came off the bench and gave his team an offensive advantage.  
North strung some baskets together late in the contest. Henry struggled to make shots down the stretch.
North came away with the 57-53 victory over Henry.
The leading scorers Henry were Tyrell Sludge with 12 points, Robert Pierson 10 points, Jamare Smith with 9 points.
The leading scorers for North were Jamel Staten with 12 points, Kevin Henderson 11 points, and Dakarr Bellfield with 10 points.

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