Wednesday, February 22, 2017


On Feb. 21, Farmington traveled to Apple Valley for a boys’ basketball game. Going into the game Farmington had an overall record of 8-14 while Apple Valley had an overall record of 20-2. 

Farmington started the game in a zone defense. They wanted to make Apple Valley take a lot of time off the clock early. 

Apple Valley got the ball into the hands of guard Tre Jones. Jones looked to take mid-range jump shots and layups. 

Apple Valley did a good job of moving the ball around the 3-point line while passing to each other. 

Farmington struggled to get their offense going in the first half. Even though they struggled shooting the ball they kept on attacking the basket and looking for their shots. 

Apple Valley passed the ball around the 3-point line as everyone touched the ball on the offensive end. 

Apple Valley came up with defensive steals and turned them into layups on the offensive end. 

Farmington called a timeout with 10:09 left in the first half. The score was Apple Valley 20, Farmington 2.

Apple Valley played a zone defense that made Farmington take deep 3-point shots. 

Farmington’s Jarrett Hunt came up with a deep 3-point shots. His teammates did a good job of getting him the ball in spots where he could shoot it. 

Jones came up with mid-range jump shots and layups throughout the first half. He knew where his teammates were on the floor and they knew where he was. Teammate Mohamed Kone came up with jump-shots and layups. 

At halftime, the score was Apple Valley 40, Farmington 13. 

Apple Valley did a good job of disturbing the ball to each other as everyone could score for Apple Valley. 

Apple Valley kept on attacking the basket and coming up with layups. Apple Valley’s Luke Martens came up with a monster two handed slam dunk that got his teammates fired up. 

Farmington struggled to shoot the ball throughout the game. They were not able to make shots that they put up.

Apple Valley came away with the 80-32 victory over Farmington.

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