Saturday, February 18, 2017


On Feb. 18, Rushford-Peterson and Minneapolis North squared off against each other in a boys’ basketball game. Going into the game Rushford-Peterson had a record of 14-7 while North’s record was 22-1.

Rushford-Peterson started the game out in a zone defense. That made North pass the ball around the 3-point line. North got everyone involved in the offense early.

North started the game in a match-up zone. Rushford-Peterson moved the ball well on the offensive end.

It took each team awhile to get into an offensive shooting rhythm.

North started out slow offensively. They missed several shots early.

Rushford-Peterson guard Noah Carlson came up with mid-range jump shots and layups. His teammates did a good job of getting him the ball in spots where he could shoot it. On the defensive end, Carlson slowed the guy down he was guarding.

North’s guard Isaac Johnson took the ball hard to the basket. He wasn’t afraid to get fouled.

North called a timeout with 12:05 left in the first half. The score was North 12, Rushford-Peterson 9.

North looked to trap the ball when Rushford-Peterson got the ball just past half court. Rushford-Peterson didn’t get frustrated by the pressure.

After a slow start, offensively for North their offense got clicking. North’s Odell Wilson IV came up with lay-ups and mid-range jump shots. He called for the ball on the low block and powered it up to the basket. Wilson also came up with rebounds on both ends of the floor.

North called a timeout with 7:15 left in the first half. The score was North 26, Rushford-Peterson 10.

North did a good job of moving with-out the ball. They talked to each other on both ends of the floor.

Rushford-Peterson took a lot of time of the clock while they were looking for their shots. They passed and cut a lot as well.

North’s Tayler Jonson came up with deep 3-point shots. He wasn’t afraid to drive to the basket if he didn’t think that he had an open look at the basket.

Rushford-Peterson looked to get the ball down the floor quickly and set up in a half-court offense set.

At halftime, the score was North 36, Rushford-Peterson 20.

As the second half got underway North continued to push the ball down the floor and come up with layups ad jump shots.

Isaac Johnson came up with slam dunks in the second half. The defense had a hard time slowing him down.

Rushford-Peterson had trouble shooting the ball throughout the second half. Even though they struggled to shoot the ball they kept on shooting.

North called a timeout with 8:42 left in regulation. The score was North 51, Rushford-Peterson 35.

Rushford-Peterson couldn’t slow down the North offense in the game. North was quicker than Rushford-Peterson was.

North came out on fire and Rushford-Peterson struggled to shoot the ball throughout the game. Both teams played hard throughout. North came away with the 73-48 victory over Rushford-Peterson.

The leading scorer for Rushford-Peterson was Dawson Dahl with 14 points.

The leading scorers for North were Isaac Johnson with 23 points, and Wilson with 16 points.

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