Monday, April 11, 2011


The 2011 summer AAU basketball season officially has gotten underway. Net Game Sports took on
Southwest Slam.

The game got out to a quick start as each team scored back-to-back baskets.

Southwest Slam used a zone defense. Net Game Sports also started out in a zone defense.

Net Game Sports looked to get the ball into the hands of Riley Dearring. Dearring was all over the
court on both ends. On the offensive end he was able to blow by his defenders.

Southwest Slam looked to get the ball into the hands of Andrew Swanson. He was able to let his
players know where they were supposed to be on the court.

Johnny Woodard was all over the glass. He was able to go after and get rebounds on both ends of the

Neither team went on a run in the first half.

The score at halftime was Net Game Sports 37 and Southwest Slam 34.

As the second half got underway Net Game Sports continued to attack the glass.

Net Game Sports went on a run. They were able to run right through the Southwest Slam defense.

Southwest Slam didn't back down. They kept on trying to attack the defense.

Net Game Sports came away with the 65-52 victory over Southwest Slam.

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