Monday, April 11, 2011


The Minnesota Heat took on the Comets in the Comets Spring Shootout. The Minnesota Heat were
coached by Mark MacDonald who is my uncle. Wibi MacDonald also is on the team he is the son of
Mark. Wibi is my cousin.

The Comets started out the game in a zone defense. Minnesota Heat were able to break the press. Benji
Subah took the ball down the court at a lightning quick pace.

The Heat looked to set a quick pace of the game. After the Comets scored they got the ball out of the
net and brought it quickly down the court.

The Comets had a hard time hitting shots. They passed the ball around the three-point line to take as
much time as they could.

Davaghndre Jones for the Heat took the ball hard to the basket. He was able to draw contact and get to
the free throw line.

The Comets attacked the basket on the offensive end. They were not afraid of the pressure that the
heat were applying.

The score went back and forth for a good period of time in the first half as neither team went on a run.

MacDonald dove hard to the basket and was able to make his shots that he was putting up. He did a
good job of calling for the ball in spots where he knew where he had a good shot.

At halftime the score was tied at 23.

Both teams did a good job of getting the ball down the court and looking to score in transition.

Antoino Mcghee-Hatfield took the ball hard to the basket for the Heat. He knew when to shoot the ball
and where he was on the floor.

The Comets went on run midway through the second half. The Heat had a hard time making their shots.

Jared Noonan for the Heat took the ball hard to the basket. Even though some times he was out of
control he still took it hard to the basket.

The Comets were too much for the Heat. In the end the Comets came away with the 60-44 victory over
the Heat.

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