Monday, June 17, 2013


Schoenecker Arena on the campus of St. Thomas University was the site of the 2013 Inner City All Star Classic. The first game was between Team Faith and Team Truth.

Music was playing throughout the game and there were two anouncers doing play-by-play throughout the whole game to keep the fans involved in the contest.

The score went back and forth throughout the first half. Neither team went on a run. The game was close.

Both teams used a man-to-man style of defense. Neither team went on a run throughout the contest. 

Both teams used a full-court press and tried to slow the other team down. The defense was good as it was difficult for both teams to make shots.

Team Faith was not afraid to shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor. They were able to cast long three-point baskets and they were able to make them.

Truth didn't back down how ever as they were not able to hit baskets they kept on shooting the ball even though they were not able to hit shots for a period of time in the second half.

Team Truth made a late run at Team Faith but in a hard fought battle Faith came away with the 65-55 victory over Truth.


In the second game of the day Team Wisdom and Team Knowledge went up against each other.

Both teams looked to push the ball down the floor from the start of the game. Music blared from a live DJ. Both teams looked to push the ball down the floor early and often.

Everyone looked to showcase their offensive skills. The start of the game was a little sloppy as it took while for each team to get into an offensive shooting rhythm. 

Neither team went on a run early. The score went back and forth throughout a good portion of the first half. 

Quinton Hooker for Team Wisdom was able to pick up some easy baskets off some steals. 

Garrison Gillard was all over the floor for Team Wisdom. He was able to blow by his defenders and get to the basket and made easy lay-ups. Gillard was not afraid to pass the ball to one of his teammates if he thought that his teammate had a better shot than he did.

Harry Sony for Knowledge was able to dribble around his defender and get to the basket and was able to make shots that he put up.  On the defensive end Sony was able to lock down his guy that he was gaurding and make it really hard for him to get a good look at the basket.

Hooker and Cullen Russo battled each other as they guarded each other. They made it difficult for each other to hit shots that the other was putting up.

Russo came up with some nice blocks. He was able to block Kyle Washington's shot at the basket. That got the crowd into the game.

Washington came up with some nice two-handed slam dunks. That got the crowd involved in the game.

Neither team was afrid to shoot the ball as they brought the ball down they each were able to take wide open shots. Offense was certainly the name of the game.

Sony blew past his defenders a few times in the first half and was able to get to the basket with ease.

Team Wisdom went to sleep late in the first half, as they were not able to hit shots that they put up. Knowledge took advantage of that as they were able to go on a run late in the first half.

At halftime the score was Knowledge 40, Wisdom 21.

As the second half got underway both teams continued to push the ball down the floor.

Both teams continued to fly up and down the floor casting up shots. Everyone touched the ball for both teams. Knowledge still had difficulty hitting shots that they put up.

Wisdom continued to have difficulty shooting the ball.

Knowledge never gave up the lead, which they held the whole game.

Both teams offense went stagnet as neither team was able to score for a period of time in the second half. 

Tyus Jones was in attendance and watched a good portion of the game with his family. Jones is considered one of the top basketball recruits in the country, and will graduate in 2014.

Team Knowledge came away with the 69-50 victory over team Wisdom.

I thought everyone played hard and every one had a good time. I thought that that the players and fans enjoyed themselves. 

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