Monday, June 17, 2013


Clinton Parker played basketball for Dakota County and Technical College. Paker was born on the
south side of Chicago on May 27 1992. Parker has three older brothers whom he looks up to.

He started his high school basketball at Richfield High School and played for head coach Jim
Dimick. Parker then transferred to Percy L. Julian high school in Chicago, where he graduated from
in 2011.

Parker has played basketball his whole life. It wasn't until he was he was 11 or 12 that he took basketball seriously. His other sport that he loves to play is baseball. Parker considers him self as a big baseball fan.

Parker has big plans for after college. “I want to get involved with law enforcement or be more involved with local kids who are having a hard time growing up and getting into trouble, or having trouble at home, maybe like a juvenile counselor or somewhere down that line,” he said.

Parker added, “I’d love to play on the next level and show many people I can and could play against some tough but skilled guys.”

He also has a son. Parker would like to stay somewhere close to Minnesota or Illinois.

When asked where he was thinking of going to school in the fall of 2013, Parker said, “It's all up in the air right now. I’ve received a handful of offers from colleges -- all out of state -- but I’m trying to stay somewhere close to the Midwest for my son and family purposes.”

Basketball for Parker has been a huge success. When asked about his favorite basketball memories, Parker said: “I would have to say just traveling, going on trips out of state and playing against teams and their crowds. I love the atmosphere like that.”

Parker spends his free time with family.

You can find Parker listening to R&B and Hip Hop music and a little bit of country from time to time.

Parker is a good basketball player and a good guy. I have watched and seen Parker play for Dakota County Technical College. He is a hard worker and a good person on and off the court. Parker will be successful in whatever path he decides to go on.

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