Thursday, September 19, 2013


In the second game of the day Mounds View went up against East Ridge. The tempo was slow by both teams.
It took awhile for each team to get used to what the other team was doing.
Mounds View swung the ball around the three-point line to take time off the clock. East Ridge played multiple defenses to try to confuse Mounds View on offense and they were able to do that.
The score went back and forth throughout first half; neither team went on a run. Both teams were evenly matched.
The score at halftime was tied at 28.
East Ridge came out on fire to start the second half. They strung some baskets together and were able to take a 33-28 lead early in the second half.
Mounds View didn’t back down however, as they continued to look to get to the basket by taking their time on the offensive end.
East Ridge did do a good job of getting baskets in transition on the fast break.
Mounds View was not afraid to shoot either the outside jump shot or the lay-up.  They were successful at making both shots.
Mounds View used both man-to-man and zone defenses throughout the contest. East Ridge used mostly man-to-man on the defensive end.
Mounds View called a timeout with 12:17 left in regulation. The score was East Ridge 45, Mounds View 33.
Mounds View continued to shoot the ball but it didn’t go in.
East Ridge did a good job of taking time off of the clock in the second half. They swung the ball around the three-point line as they looked for their shots that they wanted to get.
East Ridge was able to slow down the Mounds View offense in the second half.
East Ridge came away with the 68-50 victory over Mounds View.

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