Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Crosstown Minneapolis rivals Southwest and South high squared off in a boys' varsity soccer game on Sept. 7.
High school soccer games consist of two 40-minute halves..
Both teams wanted to get early looks on the goal. Both teams were very physical.  
Southwest’s Frankie Willette was all over the field for his team. He knew where the ball was at all times and he was able to get his teammates involved in the plays. Southwest found the goal on a kick by Adam Ulring with 34:41 left in the first half.
That made the score Southwest 1, South 0.
Southwest continued to move the ball down the field well in the first half. They knew where everyone was on the field.
Both teams went after the ball aggressively as neither team wanted the other team to get it.
Both teams had a lot of shots on goal but both goalies did a good job of not letting the ball into the net.
Southwest’s Both Kueth scored a goal with 8:33 left in the first half.
That made the score Southwest 2, South 0.
The Southwest players were very vocal on both ends of the field. They were able to set each other up for nice shots on goal throughout the first half.
At halftime the score was Southwest 2, South 0.
The second half got off to a quick start as both teams kept the ball around the middle of the field.
South’s Collin Kange scored a goal with 33:06 left in regulation. That made the score Southwest 2, South 1.
Neither team gave up in the second half. They both kept on attacking the goal and looking for different ways to score goals.
Southwest’s Kueth  scored a goal with 5:25 left in regulation. That made the score Southwest 3, South 1, which ended up the final score.  
Overall the game was a good game. Both teams played hard and neither team gave up. In the end Southwest came away with the 3-1 victory over South.  

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