Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Tyler Richardson was born at North Memorial Hospital on May 26, 1992. He has one sister and grew up in North Minneapolis.

I was able to conduct an email interview with Richardson.

Richardson went to Robbinsdale Cooper High School and graduated in 2010. He played football and basketball.

He said that, “Basketball is a place of peace where I can go to clear my head and just do what I love to do. Hoop.”

Richardson noted that he, “Played football for my high school I played basketball up to high school but didn't make the team freshman and sophomore year so opted to trying out for football my last two years of high school. I don't love it as near as much as I do hooping.”

After high school he attended Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa where he played football.

Richardson said, “I would love to receive the opportunity to play at a juco or D3 college to build up some film and eventually go try out for an overseas or Canadian league after I receive my degree. I would like to play football somewhere soon.”

Richardson to describe himself as, “I am “6'1 145lbs I played baseball and basketball from 2 years of age through 8th grade. My 13U season I threw out my rotator cuff from pitching incorrectly over the years and being young and stubborn I didn't do my exercises to better my shoulder so when high school rolled around I played my freshman and sophomore year but at first base. I didn't like it nearly as much as pitching and lost the love to play. Also during my freshman and sophomore year I didn't make the basketball squad which killed my spirits. I'm a natural born athlete and know I can excel in any sport I put my mind to so I played football my junior and senior year, receiving a scholarship from Dordt College my senior year of high school and very last minute, I participated in Dordt College athletics my freshman year of college. Our 3rd week of the season I fractured my fibula during practice and was out for the season. One random thing about myself is I have a disease in my left eye that doesn't let it function normally.”

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