Saturday, October 31, 2015


Champlin Park and Edina squared off against each other in a basketball game in the Minnetonka Fall League.

The score went back and forth early. Both teams went after loose balls on both ends of the floor.

Champlin Park did a good job of swinging the ball around the 3-point line and getting everyone involved in the offense.

Champlin Park was all over the boards on the offensive end. They were able to get rebounds and make layups off the rebounds.

Champlin Park did a good job of setting the tempo of the games. They took time off the clock as they got everyone involved in the offense.

At halftime the score was Edina 31, Champlin Park 25.

As the second half got underway Edina continued to push the ball down the floor and make baskets in transition.

Champlin Park was able to get steals and come up with layups off traps.

The Edina defense was able to slow down Champlin Park on offense.

Edina played zone defense throughout the second half. They were able to force Champlin Park to take deep 3-point baskets.

Champlin Park struggled to score in the second half.

Edina came away with the 56-37 victory over Champlin Park.  

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