Monday, October 19, 2015


Edina and Osseo squared off in a basketball game. Osseo looked to push the ball down the floor and score baskets in transition.
Osseo scored layups in transition and off fast breaks. They were a little quicker than Edina. Edina looked to use the cross court passes to get the ball down the floor. They were picked off by Osseo or went out of bounds.
Osseo’s Allan Anderson ran his team’s offense. He got everyone involved in the offense and if he thought that he had a good shot he would take it.
There were multiple ties and lead changes throughout the first half. Neither team went on a run.
Osseo used both zone and man-to-man defense.
Edina came up with some fast break layups as they looked to get the ball out of the net on the defensive end and move the ball down the floor.
At halftime the score was Osseo 36, Edina 33.
The score continued to go back and forth in the second half. Both teams played very good defense.
Neither teams got an uncontested shot.
The game came down to the wire. It was hotly contested.
Osseo came up with the 68-62 victory over Edina.

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