Monday, July 26, 2010


The El Amin Fish House took on Pat Madison Magic in the playoffs. The El-Amin Fish House came out and took the early lead.

Jake Thomas did a really good job of getting his teammates involved in the game. Jake was also able to knock down shots with ease in the first quarter. He was not afraid to shoot the three point shot. Thomas went to Columbia Heights high school and he will be attending Long Beach State University. Jake is with the El-Amin Fish house team.

After the first quarter the score was El-Amin Fish House 33 Pat Madison Magic 10.

The second quarter the El-Amin Fish House really went to town as they were able to make baskets at ease.

Dan Coleman for the Fish House did a good job of getting his teammates set up for scoring chances. He was not afraid to pass up a shot and pass it to an open guy.

Levi Jones was camped out on the low block and was able to post his opponents up in the paint. He did a really good job of defending on the low block.

Pat Madison was not able to get into the flow of the game in the first half. Throughout the first half DeAndre Townsend was on fire. He was able to come up big and make great scoring plays throughout the first half. Townsend also played tremendous on the defensive end.

At halftime the score was El-Amin Fish House 62 and Pat Madison Magic 42.

As the third quarter got underway both teams came out swinging. Pat Madison wanted to get into the game El-Amin Fish House didn’t want them to.

Pat Madison went on a run midway through the third quarter. That didn’t faze El-Amin Fish House. They kept on battling throughout the game.

Royce Alexander White worked hard in the low block. He really did a good job rebounding on both ends of the floor.

Pat Madison never gave up throughout the game. They kept on battling.

Devron Bostick showed off his slam dunking abilities throughout the game as he was able to pipe down a few nice slam dunks.

At the end of the third quarter the score was El-Amin Fish House 96 and Pat Madison Magic 74.

Armond Battle did a good job defending for Pat Madison Magic. He was also able to find the bottom of the net as he strung a few shots together in the fourth quarter.

Deveon Bostick provided highlight dunks throughout the game. He wasn’t afraid to dunk it. It will be fun to watch him this upcoming season at the University of Minnesota.

El-Amin Fish House came away with the 128-108 over Pat Madison Magic.

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