Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The Minneapolis South Tigers took on the Richfield Spartans in a boys’ basketball junior varsity game. The JV team was made up of mostly sophomores and juniors.

Both teams came out shooting the ball. They both were able to hit their shots early in the contest. The score went back and forth throughout the first half.

Richfield looked to get to get to ball into the hands of Wibisono Marjonio MacDonald’s hands. MacDonald was all over the court. His teammates looked for him to score.

With 11:30 left to go in the first half the score was Richfield 12 and Minneapolis South 8.

Richfield took their time on the offensive end. They were able to get the ball to their inside post players who would take it strong to the basket.

Both teams did a god job of shooting the ball in the first half.

Richfield went on a run with just 9:00 left to go. South didn’t back down. They kept on playing strong defense.

Richfield used a full court press. They were able to get South out of their rhythm. Richfield was able to score off of the steals that they were creating.

With 6:47 left to go in the first half the score was Richfield 22 and South 10.

MacDonald did a good job of trapping the ball on the defensive end. He was really able to go after his defender.

South was not able to make a basket for a period of time in the first half. Richfield was able to capitalize on that and they were able to score a few quick baskets.

With 3:06 left in the first half the score was Richfield 26 and South 12.

Richfield continued to shoot the ball well late in the half.

South went to a zone defense late in the half. They wanted to try to spread Richfield out.

At halftime the score was Richfield 30 and South 17.

As the second half got started both teams came out firing on all levels. Both teams really got after it as the defense stepped up on both ends of the floor.

South tried to trap Richfield when they reached half court. They were not able to get Richfield out of their offensive pattern.

MacDonald only played the first half of the game. Due to Minnesota High School League rules a basketball player is only allowed to play three halves in a night. MacDonald could play two halves of the varsity game. That is why he didn’t play in the second half.

Richfield continued to score easy baskets throughout the second half. They were able to come away with the 47-23 victory over Minneapolis South.

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