Saturday, December 18, 2010


St. Thomas Academy took on Cretin-Derham-Hall in a boys’ basketball contest. Cretin-Derham Hall came into the game with a record of 2-0. St. Thomas Academy came into the game with a record of 2-0.
Both teams got off to a fast start as they each looked to push the ball in transition. St. Thomas came out in a man-to-man defense. They looked to slow down Cretin-Derham Hall when they were on offense.
Cretin-Derham Hall’s Raijon Kelly came up big in the first half as he was able to find the basket and make his shots. His team did a good job of getting him the ball. Kelly made most of his shots inside of the paint.
St. Thomas Academy had a hard time finding their shots in the first half. They did not give up as they kept shooting the ball.
Both teams went back and forth in the first half. St. Thomas Academy didn’t back down. They kept on going after Cretin-Derham Hall.
Both teams were diving on the floor for loose balls. Neither team gave up in the first half.
At halftime the score was Cretin-Derham Hall 36 and St. Thomas Academy 26.
As the second half got underway St. Thomas Academy came out in a tough man-to-man defense.
Both teams played very aggressively in the game. Kelly continued to play hard in the second half. He went after loose balls. With 14:16 left to go in the second half he went down with a leg cramp. He was attended to by the trainers and walked off under his own power.

Cretin-Derham Hall continued to make their shots in the second half.

St. Thomas Academy went on run midway in the second half. They cut the deficit to 10.

Cretin-Derham Hall got sloppy with the ball. They had many turnovers late in the contest. St. Thomas Academy made a run late in the contest.

The game went back and forth. I thought that both teams played well. Cretin-Derham-Hall came away with the 65-61 victory over St. Thomas Academy. Cretin-Derham Hall was led in scoring by Raijon Kelly with 21 pts. St. Thomas Academy was led in scoring by Thomas Sjoberg who scored 26 points.

I was joined by the Twin Cities Hoops Czar. Check out his thoughts on the St. Thomas Academy VS Cretin-Derham Hall game.

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