Thursday, January 20, 2011


St. Paul Johnson traveled to St. Paul Harding for a boys’ basketball game. Johnson came in with
a record of 9-2. Harding came into the game with a record of 5-7. Going into the game St. Paul
Johnson was ranked #1 in the state in class AAA.

Johnson won the tip to start the game. On the first possession Harding’s Viseth Koumarn picked
up two quick fouls. He was sent to the bench. Both teams started out shooting the ball. Neither
team could make shots early. It took a while for each team to get the feel for each other.
Johnson wanted to push the ball in transition. They looked to get the ball into the hands of
Roosevelt Scott.
Johnson took their time on the offensive end. They looked to pass the ball around the three-point
Johnson used a full court press. They were able to get easy steals and score baskets off the steals.
Harding got into foul trouble early.
With 13:35 left to go in the first half Harding called a timeout with the score Johnson 13 and
Harding 3.
Johnson played with a lot of intensity and emotion in the first half. Harding was not able to
match Johnson’s intensity. Johnson’s bench was into the game. They were cheering and shouting
encouragement to the guys on the court.
Harding called a timeout with 12:23 left to go in the first half. The score at the time was Johnson
20 and Harding 3.
Harding mostly used a zone defense. They wanted to slow Johnson down and spread them out.
Harding called a timeout with 10:54 left in the first half. The score was Johnson 24 and Harding
Harding didn’t give up throughout the first half. They kept on shooting the ball and driving to the
basket. They didn’t back down to Johnson.
Johnson continued to push the ball down the court as they kept on looking for baskets in
On the defensive end they picked up Harding at half court. Harding had a difficult time handling
the pressure Johnson was applying.
Both teams dove on the floor after loose balls. The Harding players were getting frustrated
because their shots were not dropping.
Anthony Lee hit a three-point shot at the buzzer for St. Paul Johnson to end the first half.
At halftime the score was St. Paul Johnson 51 and St. Paul Harding 18.

As the second half got underway Johnson continued to hit their shots. They also continued to
push the ball up the court.

Johnson continued to push the ball in down the court. They were also able to score baskets in
transition in the second half.

Harding continued to shoot the ball but they were off in the second half.

Johnson came away with the 76-37 victory over St. Paul Harding. Johnson was way too quick for
Harding. They were able to get on a shooting rhythm and they couldn’t miss. Harding couldn’t
find the basket from the beginning of the game. Harding didn’t give up and they kept on fighting
throughout the game.

The leading scorers for St. Paul Johnson were Estan Tyler with 22 points and Marcus Marshall
with 15 points. The leading scorer for St. Paul Harding was Johnathin Hall with 13 points.

I was joined by the Czar of Twin Cities Boys’ Hoops. Check out his thoughts of the St. Paul Johnson vs. Harding basketball game.

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