Saturday, January 22, 2011


Centennial took on the #2 ranked Osseo in a boys’ basketball game at Osseo. Centennial came
into the game with a record of 2-11. Osseo came into the game with a record of 12-1.
Centennial started the game out on defense. They started out in man-to-man defense.
When Centennial was on offense they looked to take a lot of time off the clock. They passed the
ball around the three-point line. Centennial looked for Mitchell Kuck to shoot the ball.
Neither team took many shots in the opening minutes of the game. Both teams were going after
each other on the defensive end.
Centennial looked to push the ball in transition. After Osseo shot the ball, all of the Centennial
players crashed the boards and went after the rebound.
Centennial switched between man-to-man defense and zone defense.
Centennial called a timeout with 12:15 left to go in the first half. The score was Osseo 8 and
Centennial 7.
The defensive pressure that Osseo applied seemed to bother Centennial. They got frustrated
because they couldn’t make shots.
Osseo looked to get the ball inside to Will Johnson who was posted up on the low block. Johnson
was able to take the ball hard to the basket. Michael Fischer was able to step up and knock down
some key three-point shots.
Osseo did a good job of taking their time on the offensive end. They kept on swinging the ball
around the three-point line to take as much time off the clock as they could.
Centennial went cold for a period in the first half. They couldn’t make a shot. Osseo used that to
their advantage as they hit shots.
Osseo’s Michael Fischer used his quick skills to blow by the Centennial defenders.
With 5:07 left Centennial called a timeout. The score was Osseo 26 and Centennial 15.
After that timeout Centennial came out in a zone defense. They looked to spread Osseo out when 
Osseo was on offense. Darren James Herbert was able to find Terez Wayne VanPelt on a fast
Osseo’s Joey Curtis Sonnenfeld stepped up and was able to knock down a few three-point shots
late in the half.
Centennial looked to shoot the ball throughout the first half. Their shots didn’t fall in the first
half. Centennial looked to get everyone on the court a chance to touch the ball on the offensive
end. They didn’t give up as they kept going after Osseo.
At halftime the score was Osseo 39 and Centennial 27.
Osseo started the second half with the ball. They looked go the ball inside to Ian Theisen.
Theisen who was camped out on the low block.
Osseo came out shooting and making a lot of three-point shots. Centennial didn’t defend Osseo
out on the three-point line.
Centennial countered with a three-point shooting display. They looked to shoot their way back
into the game.
Centennial gained more confidence in their shooting in the second half. They didn’t seem scared
to shoot the ball in the second half.
Johnson made some impressive moves as he drove to the basket and made lay-up after lay-up.
Centennial called a timeout with 9:15 left to go in the second half. The score was Osseo 65 and
Centennial 48.
Centennial was able to score a few baskets on fast breaks. Osseo had a difficulty containing
pressure on the fast breaks.
Osseo called a time out with 5:20 left to go in regulation. The score was Osseo 73 and
Centennial 58.
Both teams battled down the stretch. Neither team gave up.
Osseo came away with the 89-72 victory over Centennial. I thought that everyone played hard
for both teams.
I thought that Terez Wayne VanPelt and Darren James Hebert along with the whole team played
well for Osseo. Joey Sonnenfeld also stepped up big and was able to knock down some key
shots and critical times in the game.

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