Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Rebekkah White Brunson grew up in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Burnson became interested in basketball when she was about 9 or 10 years of age. Growing up she had a rough childhood. She always dreamed of playing professionally when she was growing up. Brunson is currently playing in the WNBA with the Minnesota Lynx.

When things were not going right for her she would turn to basketball. She went to Oxon Hill High School where she played basketball.

After high school she attended Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She played on the women’s basketball team.

After college she was drafted by the Sacramento Monarchs for six seasons. The franchise collapsed after the 2009 season.

Brunson thinks that the NWBA, “has created an opportunity for women to do something they love while inspiring young girls around the world to chase their dreams and aspire to do the same. It has created a great and positive atmosphere to share in the universal love of basketball and female athletics”

After the WNBA season she goes and plays professional basketball overseas. She has played in countries like Belgium, Russia, Italy and Spain and has traveled to many more. This enables her to maintain her peek physical conditioning and see sights that most people will not be able to see in their lifetimes.

Off the court she has her own foundation called the 32 Foundation. It works towards the betterment of youth in the metro areas of the Washington DC areas and Minnesota.

This off season she is currently playing in Valencia, Spain for Ros Casares.

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