Monday, February 27, 2012

After the hit that left Jack Jablonski paralyzed, the - 02.27.12 - SI Vault

 After the hit that left Jack Jablonski paralyzed, the state of Minnesota rewrote its high school rules, but one hockey mom still agonizes over the choices she—and every parent in her position—has to make

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Darlene Levenson said...

I know of several hockey moms who are going through that agony themselves. The majority of them are realistic; there can and will be accidents in any sport, but it's the same with even the simplest everyday activities. Accidents are no more or less likely to happen than if we're driving a vehicle, flying in a plane, or riding a bike. What's the use of living if we can't do what gives us the most joy, challenge, and self-satisfaction? Of course we have to use precautions, but we can't be afraid to do something just because something bad could happen, or we wouldn't have a life.