Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The Minnetonka boys' basketball team traveled to Hopkins for a boys' basketball game. Minnetonka had a record of 14-4 going into the game while Hopkins had a record of 17-1.

Minnetonka started the game in man-to-man defense. They didn't want want to give up early shots.

Hopkins looked to push the ball down the court and score quick baskets in transition.

Minnetonka got the ball into the hands of Latrell Diquan Love. Love was all over on the court. On the offensive end he looked to score baskets and on the defensive end he wanted to slow his opponent down.

Minnetonka switched up between man-to-man and zone defense. They wanted to confuse Hopkins.

Hopkins guard Siyani Chambers did a good job of pushing the ball down the floor and getting his teammates the ball where they knew they could shoot it.

Minnetonka called a timeout with 11:30 left in the first half the score was Hopkins 19 and Minnetonka 5.

Jamal Dale Davis for Hopkins went to the basket hard. He looked to get fouled when he went to the basket. If he didn't think that he had a good shot he would pass it to his teammates who would look to shoot it.

Minnetonka's Riley Taylor Dearring took the ball hard to the basket. He was able to make some easy baskets. Dearring also was able to step up and knock down free throws when he was fouled.

Andre Travaris McDonald came into the game late in the first half. McDonald gave Hopkins an emotional lift on the court. McDonald who is going to the University of Minnesota on a football scholarship plays with a lot of emotion and passion.

Dearring backed his man down in the low block and looked to put up baskets from there. He had to make his defenders work for them to get the ball from him.

At halftime the score was Hopkins 41 Minnetonka 31.

Hopkins moved the ball well around the three-point line. They looked to get the ball into the hands of Stahl. Stahl got his shot going and was on fire.

Dearring continued to shoot well in the second half.

Hopkins went on a run midway through the second half. Minnetonka had trouble shooting for a period of time.

Jorgenson got a technical foul for slapping the backboard.

Minnetonka stuck around in the second half. They didn't back down from the pressure that Hopkins applied.
Minnetonka took a timeout with 6:41 left in regulation. The score was Hopkins 71 Minnetonka 58.

Chambers was all over the court in the second half. He stepped up big by knocking down some deep three-point shots for Hopkins.

Despite a late offensive serge by Minnetonka, Hopkins came away with the 94-76 victory over Minnetonka.

The leading scorers for Minnetonka were Riley Dearring with 20 points and Tommy McDermott with 22 points.

The leading scorers for Hopkins were Zach Stahl with 11 points, Demetrius Martin with 15 points, and Siyani Chambers with 25 points.

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