Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Luis Edward Cox was born in Chicago, Illinois on March 19, 1992. He has four sisters and two brothers. He is a sophomore at Hibbing Community College.

Cox has been involved in athletics his whole life. Basketball has been a huge part of his life. He said, “Basketball is what keeps me motivated to stay on track. It is my life, my passion. It’s what I get my thrill and high from. I am trying to attend a few colleges camps, or showcases to prove my work. I play football, getting my grades on track. I love to go bowling. I watch ESPN on my spare time if I am not working out. And I like to get extra shots up, and work on my handles. I am very motivated for next season and I am doing and will do any and everything to begin playing next season.”

Cox works hard and knows the game that he loves. He will get to that next level. I have seen him play at many levels. I do have to say Cox is a good kid who will go far in life. 

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