Sunday, February 26, 2012


Roseville traveled to Woodbury for a boys' basketball contest. Both teams came into the game with records of 19-4. In their first meeting of the year on Saturday January 1, 2012 Woodbury came away with the 89-75 victory over Roseville.

Both teams started in zone defense. It took awhile to get into their offensive groves.

Roseville looked to get the ball into the hands of guard Logan Donald Brown. On the offensive end Brown was all over the floor. He knew where he was on the offensive end and his teammates did a good job of getting him the ball where they knew that he could shoot it.

Woodbury looked to get the ball into the hands of Renard Suggs. Renard Suggs was not afraid to shoot the ball. He was able to make shots.

Collin Johnson from Roseville was also very active on the offensive end. He got his teammates involved in the offense.

Woodbury went on a run and Roseville took a timeout with 13:20 with the score Woodbury 10 and Roseville 5.

Renard Suggs was not afraid to shoot the three-point shot. He was dead on from wherever he shot.

Roseville went cold for a period of time in the first half. They didn't get down on themselves. Roseville just kept shooting it.

Woodbury kept on hitting shots. They were able to slow down Roseville on the offensive end.

Roseville was ale to stay in the game by hitting shots. They went after loose balls and rebounds.

Roseville head coach Ted Critchley received a technical foul with 5:57 left in the first half for arguing a call.

Roseville held their ground as they chipped away at the deficit.

Brown was not bothered by Woodbury’s defensive pressure. He was able to dribble around it and get past them.

At halftime the score was Woodbury 35 and Roseville 32.

Woodbury started the second half in zone defense. They switched up between man-to-man and zone defense in the first half.

Connor McKeen got his shot going in the second half as he stepped up and nailed a couple of deep three-point shots.

The score was close in the second half. Neither team went on a run.

Woodbury took a lot of time on the offensive end. They didn't want to rush their shots.

Both teams went after rebounds. When either team shot the ball both teams crashed the boards.

Brown continued to shoot well and hit shots. No one from Woodbury could slow him down.

Neither team gave up easy baskets. I thought that both teams played well and with a lot of emotion. I was impressed by the play of Logan Donald Brown for Roseville. I also liked how hard the Suggs brothers played for Woodbury. Neither team gave up and the game came down to the wire. This was a good high school boys' basketball game. Well coach and well played game by both ball clubs.

Rernard Suggs nailed a three-point shot at the buzzer but Roseville came away with the 77-76 victory over Woodbury.

The leading scorers for Roseville were Logan Donald Brown with 35 points, Mackenzie Johnson with 12 points, and Kobe Critchley with 8 points.

The leading scorers for Woodbury were Renard Suggs with 28 points, Connor McKenne with 17 points, and Rickey Suggs with 14 points.

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