Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The Northfield Raiders took on the Eagan Wildcats in a nonconference basketball game. Eagan came out on fire as they opened on a 6-0 run to begin the game.

Northfield was slow to score to open the game. They were not able make the shots that they were putting up.

Eagan’s Jameson Parsons came out on fire. He really got his shot going and he was able to make a couple of shots early in the game. He was not afraid to drive to the basket.

Eagan started playing in a zone defense. Northfield tried to swing the ball around the three point line as they were looking for every chance they could to score.

Otto Pfefferle had some nice moves with the ball for Northfield. He wasn’t afraid to look to score even if he was closely guarded. He did a good job of beating his player off the dribble and scoring.

Both teams took their time on the offensive end. For Northfield they wanted to look inside and get the ball to Otto Pfefferle who was on the low post. Then he would kick it out to one of the guards who would look to penetrate to the basket or look to knock down amid range jumper.

At half time the score was Eagan 41 and Northfield 30.

As the second half got underway Northfield was really able to come out and knock down shots. Northfield really looked to penetrate to the basket. They wanted to get easy baskets down low. Eagan tried to stop them from doing that.

Northfield continued to pass the ball around the three point line and look for shots. They were also looking to get shots in transition. They wanted push the ball up the court.

Tyler Pederstuen looked very good in the game. He was able to come up and hit some shots throughout the game. He looked to get his teammates into the game. He wasn’t afraid to pass up a shot if he saw one of his other teammates open for a shot.

I really thought that both teams played very hard in the game. Eagan was able to come away with the victory.

For Northfield, Otto Pfefferle played well I thought. He went after loose balls and he was not afraid to shoot the ball.

For Eagan, Jameson Parsons played hard. He was able to come up big and knock down some jump shots in critical times in the game.

Eagan was able to come away with the 74-65 victory over Northfield.

The leading scorer for Eagan was Jameson Parsons with 30 points. For Eagan, they were led in scoring by Adam Hadro with 24 points.

I was with the
Czar from Twin Cities Boys Hoops. Here is what he had to say about the Eagan vs Northfield game.

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