Sunday, January 19, 2014


FAIR (Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource) went up against Prairie Seeds Academy (PSA) in a boys basketball game.
It took a while for each team to get into an offensive rhythm. The score went back and forth with several ties and lead changes in the opening minutes of the game.  Both teams started out in a zone defense.
Both teams made layups on the fast breaks. PSA’s Calvin Williams made his fast break baskets. His teammate Landon Kirkwood also took the ball hard to the basket. Kirkwood knew where his teammates were on the floor and was able to get the ball into his teammates’ hands.
FAIR hand multiple turnovers that PSA tuned into points on the offensive end.
PSA’s Kentrell Einfeldt played tough on the defensive end. He made it hard for the FAIR players to get a good look at the basket.
FAIR kept on taking the ball hard to the basket as they kept attacking the basket midway through the first half.
Calvin Williams continued to take the ball hard to the basket. He was able to get to the basket and make contested lay-ups. His teammate Dejuan Williams also stepped up and knocked down some mid-range jump shots.
PSA continued looked to get fast break baskets late in the first half.
At halftime the score was PSA 47, FAIR 27.
As the second half got underway FAIR’s Laron Reynolds stepped up and was able to hit his shots. It didn’t matter where Reynolds was on the floor he always looked to get to the basket.
PSA started the second half in a full court press. They created havoc on the defensive end and was able to turn FAIR over.
FAIR didn’t give up they played hard throughout the game. PSA was too much for FAIR to handle
PSA game away with the 85-54 victory over FAIR.
The leading scorers for FAIR Reynolds and Markel Aline each with 11 points and Keith Washington with 10 points. The leading scorers for PSA were Dejuan Williams with 17 points, Brian Robinson with 14 points, and Kirkwood with 10 points.

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