Monday, May 23, 2011


Minnesota Grassroots took on Minnesota Heat in a boys' basketball contest. Minnesota Heat started the game off in a zone defense. They didn't want Grassroots to get any easy open shots at the basket.

Grassroots came out on fire. They were able to get a 7-4 lead with 13:57 left in the first half.

Grassroots used a strong man-to-man pressing defense and they were able to slow down the Heat's offense.

Minnesota Heat didn't get frustrated. They kept attacking the basket. On the offensive end the Heat looked for quick shots and didn't take a lot of time off of the clock.

Grassroots looked to trap the ball at half court. They looked to create turnovers and score easy baskets off of the turnovers.

Minnesota Heat passed the ball around the three-point line as they looked to get the best shot that they could, even though they had a difficult time shooting the ball.

The score was close throughout the first half. Grassroots kept shooting the ball from all over the court. They were not afraid to shoot it.

The Heat went on a run and they were able to get within one point of Grassroots with 5:30 left in the first half.

Both teams played with a lot of emotion and intensity. They dove on the floor after loose balls and rebounds. There were many jump balls.

The game was close as the score went back and forth late in the half. Just as one team was going on a little run the other team stepped up the defense as they played cat and mouse late in the first half.

The first half went back and forth with neither team pulling away. At halftime the score was Minnesota Grassroots 33 and Minnesota Heat 28.

Minnesota Heat started the second half in a zone defense. They switched between zone and man-to-man in the first half.

Minnesota Grassroots got a couple of easy baskets on steals. The Heat had many possessions in a row where they turned it over.

With 13:00 left in regulation the score was Minnesota Grassroots 46 and Minnesota Heat 30.

Ty Moore for Minnesota Grassroots took the ball strong to the basket. He was all over the court. He was able to find his teammate Darrien Strong under the basket for easy assists.

Minnesota Grassroots spread the ball around and they looked to take time off the clock. They were able to do that. Minnesota Heat didn't have a response for them.

Minnesota Grassroots was too much for Minnesota Heat to handle. Grassroots fought off a late comeback by the Minnesota Heat but in the end Minnesota Grassroots came away with the 73-54 victory.

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