Wednesday, May 11, 2011


St. Louis Eagles and the top ranked Howard Pulley boys' basketball team took to the floor in a contest. Pulley got off to a quick start as they were able to make shots they put up.

Pulley looked to get the ball into the hands of Tyus Robert Jones’ hands. Jones was all over the court. He was able to step up and knock down deep three-point shots.

St. Louis Eagles didn't back down. They were able to get into their offense. They passed the ball around the three-point line as they looked to wind time off the shot clock and get into their offense.

Anthony Beane for St. Louis Eagles stepped up and was able to knock down a few deep three-point shots. He knew where he was on the court. Jones was able to step up and got into his face making it difficult for him to shoot the ball.

St. Louis used a zone defense as they looked to spread Pulley out. St. Louis also switched to man-to-man defense when they tied to go to a full court press.

Quinton Lee Hooker for Pulley was able to find the basket and take the ball strong to the hole. Kyle Washington for Pulley came up with some nice put back rebounds and was able to get some nice two handed slam dunks.

Jones looked to drive to the basket and go in and get some nice rebounds. On the defensive end he was able to get some steals and Hooker got the passes and drove to the basket for lay ups.

Washington has able to dunk over a few of the St Louis players as he found it easy to get to the basket.

At halftime the score was Howard Pulley 36 and St. Louis 23.

Willie Wiley for St. Louis was all over the basket. He took the ball hard to the basket and was able to finish shots.

Howard Pulley went to a zone defense early in the second half. They made St. Louis pass the ball around the three-point line as they didn't want to give them any easy open shots at the basket.

St. Louis did have a hard time getting shots when Pulley played zone.

Chantel Stanciel for St. Louis did a good job of bringing the ball down the court. He directed his teammates on where they were supposed to go by calling out plays that he wanted to run. Stanciel had good ball handling skills.

St. Louis continued to attack the basket. They looked to make quick baskets.

St. Louis went on a run midway through the half. They tied the game at 45 with 8:43 in regulation.

Isaiah Zierden for Pulley got his team into the offense. He directed his teammates on where they were supposed to be on the floor.

Pulley tried to trap St. Louis. They wanted to force them into making bad passes and worked on getting the turnovers.

Pulley went on a stretch where they turned the ball over on every trip down the court. St. Louis was able to convert on the Pulley turnovers.

With 3:05 left in regulation the score was St. Louis 58 and Howard Pulley 57.

The game came down to the wire. St. Louis continued to take the ball hard to the basket. They continued to make shots.

In a hard fought battle St Louis came away with the 67-64 victory over Howard Pulley. 

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