Tuesday, May 10, 2011


St. Louis Eagles took on Howard Pulley Blue in a 15U boys' basketball game. St. Louis started the game in a zone defense. They looked to trap Howard Pulley Blue at half court.

Both teams had a hard time getting into their offense. It took a while for them to get into the flow of the game.

Howard Pulley switched up between zone and man-to-man defense. They did a good job of confusing the St. Louis Eagles.

St. Louis Eagles looked to get the ball into the hands of Ronnie Suggs. Suggs was all over the court. On the offensive end he was able to get his teammates involved into the offense.

St. Louis Eagles pushed the ball down the court quickly as they looked to score quick baskets in transition.

Howard Pulley also did a good job of getting the ball out of the net and getting the ball down the court.

Garrnett Roberts took the ball strong to the basket for the Eagles. He led their run midway through the first half. Howard Pulley was not able to find the basket for a period of time.

Joey Marinello for Howard Pulley came down with some nice rebounds. He was able to get the ball to his guards so they could push it down the court.

St. Louis Eagles went to a zone defense. They were able to trap the ball in the corners and that gave Pulley a hard time getting the ball down the court. Pulley was able to get the ball down court and handle their pressure.

St. Louis Eagles did a good job of getting to the basket. They were not afraid of the Pulley players. Pulley did play good tough strong defense.

Pulley did a good job of getting loose balls. They were able to get steals and convert them into points. St. Louis as also able to get their hands on a few loose balls and convert them into points.

Shawn Roundtree for St. Louis Eagles was all over the place on the offense end. He took the ball hard to the basket. I thought that he had good skills on the court. Roundtree was quick and athletic. He had good handles and a nice pullup jump shot.

At halftime the score was St. Louis Eagles Blue 27 and Howard Pulley Blue 20.

The second half got off to a quick start as St. Louis Eagles flew around the court and was able to drop shots. That didn't sit to well with the Howard Pulley Blue team. They kept fighting and taking it strong to the basket. Even though Pulley was frustrated they didn’t give up.

Howard Pulley came alive midway though the second half as they were able to make a run. The game got close as Pulley got to within two points of St. Louis.

The score was tied at 34 with 9:50 to go.

Both teams went back and forth scoring baskets for a good portion in the second half.

Both teams stepped up their defensive pressure and didn't give up any easy baskets.

St. Louis used a full court press. They wanted to try to get Pulley to turn the ball over to them.

Stephon Sharp for Howard Pulley was all over the court. He drove to the basket strong and was able to score easy baskets.

The game came down to the wire. St. Louis Eagles came away with the 53-44 victory over Howard Pulley Blue in the 15U division. 

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