Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In semifinal action in the 17U division Texas Pro took on KC Pump N Run. Texas Pro started the game out in man-to-man defense. They looked to run with the ball in transition.

KC Pump N Run took their time in the offense. They passed the ball around the three-point line as they looked to take as much time off of the shot clock as possible.

KC Pump N Run switched between zone and man-to-man defense. They were able to get Texas Pro out of their game.

Isaiah Austin who is listed as 7-0 was camped on the low block for Texas Pro. He was to come down with rebounds on both ends of the court.

The KC Pump N Run players were not afraid to drive to the basket. Even when Austin was camped out under the basket, they still brought the ball hard to the basket.

Emmanuel Mudiay for Texas Pro took the ball hard to the basket. He was able to knock down some key jump shots for his team.

The score went back and forth for a period of time in the first half. Both of these teams stepped up and played tight solid defense.

Bradford Jones for Texas Pro was all over the court. On the offensive end he was on the court and he instructed his players were they should be when he set up a play. On the defensive end we was able to maintain his player and not give him any open easy shots at the basket.

At halftime the score was KC Pump N Run 30 and Texas Pro 29.

KC Pump N Run had many shots at the basket early in the second half. They were not able to score on many chances that they had at the basket.

Both teams slowed the tempo of the game way down in the second half. They each tried to burn as much time off the shot clock as they could.

Danuel House for Texas Pro was very crafty with the ball. He made some nice passes to his teammates and was not afraid blow past him on the dribble.

Texas Pro went on a run with about 10:00 left in the second half. KC Pump N Run had a hard time making shots and Texas Pro took advantage of that as they were able to convert in transition.

With 8:19 left in regulation the score was Texas Pro 47 and KC Pump N Run 36.

Texas Pro didn't back down late in the contest. KC Pump N Run was able to make a run at Texas Pro late in the game.

KC Pump N Run continued to chew at the lead late in the contest.

The game came down the wire. Neither team gave up easy shots throughout the game.

Mason Wedel for KC Pump N Run tied the game at 49 a piece with 2:40 left in regulation.

The score went back and forth late in the contest.

Texas Pro came away with the 53-51 victory over KC Pump N Run. 

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