Monday, May 23, 2011


Minnesota Grassroots took on Minnesota Fury in the championship game in the 17u division.

Both teams started out trading baskets. It took a while for each team to get a feel for each other. Minnesota Fury used a man-to-man defense. They looked to apply tough defense.

The score went back and forth throughout most of the first part of the game. Neither team was able to go on a run.

Both teams dove on the ground after loose balls. There were many jump balls in the first half.

Minnesota Fury's Ty Moore took the ball hard to the basket. He was able to blow past his defenders and make easy shots. Moore was also able to hit a nice three-point jumper just outside of the three-point line.

The score with 6:16 left in the first half was Minnesota Fury 21 and Minnesota Grassroots 18.

Minnesota Grassroots looked to score easy baskets in transition. They got the ball out of the net and got it quickly down to the other end of the court where they were able to score baskets.

Minnesota Grassroots had a hard time finding their shots midway through the half. They didn't get down on themselves.

At halftime the score was Minnesota Fury 34 and Minnesota Grassroots 27.

Minnesota Grassroots came out on the attack to start the second half. They continued to attack the basket as they looked for their shots.

Minnesota Fury was able to slow down Minnesota Grassroots on the offensive end. Minnesota Grassroots was not able to get easy baskets. The Minnesota Fury's defense got to the Minnesota Grassroots players.

Minnesota Grassroots was not able to slow Minnesota Fury down on the offensive end. The Minnesota Fury had control of the tempo throughout the game.

Minnesota Fury was able to take Minnesota Grassroots out of the game emotionally. Minnesota Grassroots was not able to make shots that they made throughout the tournament. Minnesota Fury was able to pick them apart on both ends of the floor throughout the game. Minnesota Grassroots didn't go down without a fight though. They were able to keep the game respectable and didn’t let their emotions get to them.

Minnesota Fury came away with the 78-68 victory over Minnesota Grassroots. 

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