Saturday, December 28, 2013


On Dec. 19, Minneapolis South went up against Minneapolis Washburn in a boys basketball game. Coming into the game South had a record of 5-1, while Washburn’s overall record was 3-2.
Washburn started in a full court press. They made it tough for South to bring the ball down the court. They looked to trap the ball as they wanted to get steals.
On the offensive side of the ball Washburn did a good job of bringing the ball down the floor. Guard
Quinton Garvis was all over the floor. He was able to get the ball in spots where he was able to get open shots.
South came out flat offensively. They swung the ball around the three-point line but they had a difficult time making shots.
Garvis was able to make shots from every spot on the floor. It didn’t matter if it was from within the three-point line or if it was outside of the three-point line.
John Turner for South took the ball strong to the basket and was able to knock down jump shots and layups.
The defensive pressure each team applied made it hectic on the floor. There were multiple times that there were back and forth turnovers on both teams.
Washburn’s JoBriel Powell came up with some nice floaters as he took the ball hard to the basket. He didn’t let the defenders get into his way. He also made shots on the fast break.
The South’s offense went cold late in the first half. They had a difficult time hitting shots.
Garvis played very well on both ends of the floor. On the offensive end he would let his players know where they were supposed to be on the floor. On the defensive end he would call out when they were traps were coming.
South’s Taron Myers was all over the floor. He was not afraid to shoot the ball on offense and on the defensive end he was able to play tough defense.
At halftime the score was Washburn 43 South 27.
Washburn came out hot to start the second half. They were able to get defensive steals and turn them into points.
Even though as a team South had a difficult time shooting the ball. South’s Kenley Farrow continued
to shoot the ball well. His teammates did a good job of finding him inside the paint where he was able to score layups.
Washburn kept attacking the basket as they kept on looking for shots in the second half.
South didn’t give up the battle in the second half. They were able get their shots to fall midway through the second half. They cut their deficit to 4 at 54-50 with 9:54 left in the second half.
The score was close throughout the second half.
Both teams fought hard throughout the game. South came back late in the contest but they were not able to get the lead.
Washburn came away with the 73-66 victory over South.

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