Saturday, October 18, 2014


Henry Sibley and Minneapolis North went up against each other in a boys’ basketball game. North got out to a quick 10-4 lead.

North was able to make fast-break layups. North did a good job of making layups in transition.

Henry Sibley used both man-to-man and zone defense. They looked to slow down the North offense.

The North offense stalled for a while in the first half.

After a period of three minutes, of passing the ball around the three-point line. North got hot late in the first half as they were able to turn Henry Sibley over and make layups off the turnovers.

At halftime the score was North 36, Henry Sibley 22.

As the second half got under way North continued to push the ball down the floor and make baskets in transition.  

Henry Sibley tried to slow down the North defense down but they were not able to do that.  

North did a good job of taking care of the ball. They were able to get everyone involved in the offense.

North was too much for Henry Sibley to handle. Henry Sibley had trouble scoring and made a lot of turnovers. North did a good job of scoring baskets in transition.

North came away with the 63-37 victory over Henry Sibley.

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