Thursday, October 23, 2014


Henry and Blaine went up against each other in a boys’ basketball game. Blaine passed the ball around the three-point line.

Blaine did a good job of setting the tempo and moving the ball down the floor. They were able to get past the Henry defenders.

Henry was quick they passed the ball well as they looked to get everyone involved in the offense.

The game was really physical. Both teams dove on the floor for loose balls and went after rebounds.

Henry did a good job of slowing Blaine down on the offensive end. Blaine had a difficulty running their plays.

At halftime the score was Blaine 22, Henry 16.

As the second half got underway Blaine put the defensive screws to Henry. They stepped up their defensive pressure as they made it difficult for Henry to shoot the ball.

Henry called a timeout with 15:55 left in the second half. The score was Blaine 29, Henry 19.

Henry looked to get quick shots off. They also pushed the ball down the floor as they looked to get fast break layups.

Henry created turnovers and they were able to finish the layups on the offensive end.

The score went back and forth midway through the second half.

Henry battled throughout the entire game. Blaine was bothered by the defensive pressure that Henry applied.

Henry stepped up their offense late in the second half. They were able to hit shots down the stretch.

In a game that both teams played with a lot of intensity, Henry came away with the 49-44 victory over Blaine.

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