Sunday, December 20, 2015


Marshall and Kasson-Mantorville squared off in a girls basketball game. The score went back and forth throughout the first half.
Kasson called a timeout with 11:51 left in the first half. The score was Marshall 11, Kasson 6.
Marshall pushed the ball down the floor and was able to score baskets in transition.
On the defensive end Marshall used a zone defense. They looked to force Kasson to shoot 3-point baskets.
Marshall used a full court press that made it difficult for Kasson to get the ball down the court.
Neither team went on a run in the first half.
At halftime the score was Marshall 25, Kasson 22.
As the second half got underway the score went back and forth.
Marshall stepped up and knocked down 3-point shots.
The score continued to go back and forth throughout the second half.
The defenses that both teams played made it difficult for the other team to come up with open looks at the basket.
It was a close game throughout the contest. Neither team went on a run.
Marshall came away with the 61-56 victory over Kasson-Mantorville.

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