Sunday, December 20, 2015


On Nov. 23 St. Agnes and Christian Life Academy squared off in a boys basketball game.

Christian Life started the game in a match-up zone defense. St. Agnes pushed the ball down the floor and looked to make layups in transition.

Christian Life was able to make full court passes and beat St. Agnes down the floor.

Neither team got their offense going early.

St. Agnes forward Gary Smith came up with some huge baskets in the first half.  He received a technical foul after a layups that lead to a Christian Life timeout.

The Christian Life offense struggled to make shots in the first half. The defensive pressure that St. Agnes applied made it difficult for Christian Life to come up with shots.

St. Agnes took mostly mid-range jump shots in the first half. They also were able to make their layups. St. Agnes was a little quicker than Christian Life.

Christian Life’s Jakson Griffith was all over the floor. He came up with huge baskets for his team.

The defense had a hard time slowing Griffith down.

Christian Life turned the ball over near mid court and St. Agnes came up with the ball and was able to turn them into points.

At halftime the score was St. Agnes 50, Christian Life Academy 27.

With 17:57 left in the second half Smith received his second technical foul for reaching over the inbounds line. Smith was ejected from the game.

St. Agnes continued move the ball well down the floor and make layups in transition.

Christian Life struggled to shoot the ball throughout the ball throughout the game.

St. Agnes came away with the 87-48 victory over Christian Life Academy.
I was joined by the Twin Cities Hoops Czar. Check out his thoughts of the St. Agnes vs. Christian Life Academy game.

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