Thursday, December 31, 2015


Monticello and Sartell-St. Stephen squared off in a boys' basketball game. The score went back and forth early.

Monticello’s Matt Todd came up with mid-range jump shots and layups. His teammates did a good job of getting him the ball in spots where he could shoot it.

Sartell got everyone involved in the offense. They did a good job of talking to each other on both ends of the floor.

Monticello pushed the ball down and scored baskets in transition. Monticello guard Reiz Useh got the ball to his teammates in spots where they could shoot it. He did a good job of running the offense.

At halftime the score was Sartell 37, Monticello 23.  

As the second half got underway Sartell continued to push the tempo and move the ball down the floor.

Sartell called a timeout with 16:21 left in regulation. The score was Sartell 37, Monticello 30.

Monticello got their offense going early in the second half.

Sartell passed the ball down the floor as they scored on fast breaks.

Todd continued to come up with huge mid-range jump shots in the second half. The defense had a hard time of slowing him down.

Sartell called a timeout with 10:23 left in the second half. The score was Sartell 45, Monticello 40.

Sartell kept on coming up with fast break layups.

The game was tied at 47 with just under 4:45 left in regulation.

There were many ties and lead changes late in the game.

Monticello came away with the 57-53 victory over Sartell.

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