Sunday, December 20, 2015


On Nov. 19 Monticello and Orono squared off against each other in a boys basketball game.
Both teams started in a zone defense. Orono looked to move the ball down the floor quickly as they looked to get baskets in transition.
Both teams struggled to shoot the ball early. Neither team was able to come up with a shot.
Monticello’s Rezi Useh looked to provide his team with energy. He wasn’t afraid to let his teammates know where they were supposed to be on the offensive end.
Orono’s Samuel Sustacek came up with some big mid-range jump shots that kept his team in the game.
The defensive pressure that Orono applied to Monticello made it difficult for them to make open shots.
Monticello kept clawing and came up with mid-range jump shots and layups late in the first half.
At halftime the score was Orono 33, Monticello 22.
Orono’s Thomas Lecy was all over the floor. He came up with huge mid-range jump shots and layups. The defense had a hard time slowing him down.
Lecy came up with 3-point baskets and was hard to slow down on the offensive end.
Monticello’s Tommy Schyma came up with huge shots in the second half. He was able to get past his defenders and get to the basket.
Orono was quicker than Monticello. Orono came away with the 70-55 victory over Monticello.

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