Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hopkins took on St Louis Park in the Minnetonka fall league. Both teams looked to push the ball up the court to begin the game. The pace was fast.

Hopkins was able to go on a run midway through the first half. They played really good defense. St Louis Park was sharp in their game but they were not able to make shots that they were putting up.

At half time the score was Hopkins 48 and St Louis Park 33.

The second half both teams showed the same intensity they had been showing the in the first half. St Louis Park went on a run midway through the second half. Hopkins was not able to score for some time in the second half.

St Louis Park played very well on the offensive end. They spread the ball around and made sure that everyone touched the ball before they shot the ball.

Hopkins went back to a half court defense midway through the second half. This was effective for them. They were able to get some nice steals at the half court line.

St Louis Park made a comeback once again late in the second half. They were able to string together a flurry of shots that went in. Hopkins was not worried though. They still played tough defense.

St Louis Park once again made a late push in the game. They wanted to get the ball out of the net and tried to get a shot as quickly as they could.

Hopkins was able to come away with the 86-78 victory.

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