Saturday, October 2, 2010


On Thursday September 30, 2010 St. Paul Como Park played St. Paul Central in a football contest at St. Paul Central’s football field. Midway through the fourth quarter there was a huge fight in Como Park’s side of the stands. A bunch of the fans from Central ran across the field to join in the fight. The game was briefly stopped so St. Paul Police and game security could break up the fight in the stands. The game continued with no further problems. After the game however there were scuffles outside of the stadium. The police said that people hopped on Metro Transit busses to get out of the area.

The crowd at the game was made up of mostly students. I thought that the security at the game was pretty well staffed throughout the game. At halftime security personal were not letting fans go over to the other sides of the field without proper ID.

Midway through the fourth quarter I saw a bunch of students stand up and start pushing and shoving each other and that’s when the fight started in the stands. The play on the field didn’t stop a second. Neither team got rattled. The St Paul police and game security took broke up the fight in the stands. When fans were going back across the track to get to the Central side of the field another fight occurred on the track and police had to use pepper spray to control the fans.

After the game I stuck around in the press box where I was sitting to let the crowd file out of the stadium.

I heard after the fact that there were other fights outside of the stadium that were related to the fight that occurred.

Parents, school administration, police and the teams were looking into the fight to see how and why it started.

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