Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Bethlehem Academy took on St. Paul Humboldt in a boys' basketball contest. Bethlehem Academy came into the game with a record of 7-0. St. Paul Humboldt came into the game with a record of 1-4.

Bethlehem started the game in a zone defense. Humboldt also started the game in a zone defense.

Bethlehem pushed the ball down the court and looked to score baskets in transition.

Dominique Khammarth for Humboldt was able to bring the ball down the court easily. He was able to blow by his defenders.

Bethlehem made it difficult for Humboldt to shoot the ball.

It took a while for each of these teams to feel each other out. Neither team went on a run early in the game. The score was close.

Humboldt was able to score baskets in transition. Malique Adams-Virning was able to drive to the basket and get fouled while shooting layups. He made his free throw shots.

Bethlem called a timeout with 10:01 left in the first half. The score was Humboldt 16 and Bethlehem Academy 9.

Bethlehem went on a run after the timeout. They were able to chip into the deficit.

The score was tied at 18 with under 7:00 left in the half. Both teams took their time on the offensive end.

Raheem Thompson for Humboldt was able to get some steals and convert them into baskets. He drove hard to the basket. If Thompson was not open for a shot he would pass it to one of his teammates and get an assist.

Humboldt went to a full court press and looked to create havoc for Bethlehem. Humboldt looked to get as many easy baskets as they could.

At halftime the score was Bethlehem 32 and Humboldt 28.

Humboldt started out on fire. They were able to tie the game at 32 with 16:59 remaining. Neither team gave up easy baskets.

Both teams traded baskets. Humboldt did a good job of penetrating the games in the Bethlehem's defense.

Humboldt called a timeout with 13:42 left in regulation. The score was Bethlehem 43 and Humboldt 37.

Bethlehem continued to push the ball down the court. Humboldt didn’t want to rush their shots. They looked to take as much time off the clock as they could.

Humboldt trapped Bethlehem full court because they thought that could get easy steals and convert that into points.

Bethlehem called a timeout with 8:49 left in regulation. The score was Bethlehem 45 and Humboldt 44.

Humboldt used a three quarter court trapping press late in the contest. They were able to create steals and then converted them on offense.

Adam Clark for Bethlehem tied the game at 50 on a three-point shot with 3:00 left in regulation.

Both teams scored at a frantic pace in the last 2:00 of the game. Both teams never gave up.

The game was tied with a minute left in regulation.

Tyreese Jiles hit two free throws that gave Humboldt the lead.

Humboldt came away with the 61-56 victory over Bethlehem Academy. 

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